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Advisory and Asset Management Services - Parallel Asset Management

Parallel provides services including debt and equity placement, all levels of due diligence, asset evaluation and underwriting, comprehensive acquisition analysis, asset management, risk management and workout and disposition services, and administrative and accounting management.

Debt and Equity Placement
  • Senior Debt Financing
    First mortgage (deed of trust) construction, acquisition and refinancing on a national scale
    Loan sizing and presentation preparation
    Active negotiation on behalf of clients with multiple lending sources

  • Equity and Sub-Debt Financing
    Equity, preferred equity and mezzanine financing for existing and to-be-built properties nationally
    Joint venture structures available
Due Diligence, Valuation, Risk Analysis and Acquisition Services
  • Debt and equity asset and portfolio analysis and valuations
    Origination and acquisition strategy
    Asset analyses, valuations, pricing

  • General due diligence and underwriting services
    Physical property assessments
    Market analysis
    Loan underwriting
    Collateral and asset underwriting

  • Risk assessment and mitigation, asset strategy
    Development of strategic plans to maximize value
Asset Workout and Resolution/Sales
  • Workout and restructuring services to mitigate losses
    Pre workout and pre-litigation services
    Conflict resolution and collateral protection
    Construction completion
    Legal process management
    Sales strategy and disposition services
Asset and Administrative Management
  • Development and implementation of asset business plans to maximize value and mitigate risk
    “Hands-on”, proactive asset management and oversight, including full acquisition services
    Coordination and monitoring of third party service providers specific to asset type and market
    Client tailored full reporting
    Construction/redevelopment oversight
    Coordination and implementation of legal strategy

  • Loan servicing

  • Surveillance and monitoring of asset performance
    Comparison of actual performance to budget

  • Full service asset administrative management
    Monitoring and management of all cash flows and bank accounts
    Full financial controller functions, including accounting and financial reporting           

  • Oversight of asset compliance with respect to documents and performance guidelines
    Proactively identify risks, propose solutions







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